We design technology to better serve

Simplifying the tricky parts of life so Kiwis can
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human centred design
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We partner with public organisations, start-ups, healthcare, retailers and financial services who want bold, game-changing innovation delivered by a safe pair of hands. Together, we design technology to
better serve humankind

How might we...

Uncover opportunities with new and emerging tech

RUSH has a track record of bringing to life innovative digital experiences that differentiate our clients from their competitors. Our human-centred approach is focussed on uncovering customer insights to inspire group ideation before validating promising concepts with your customers. We’ll help you discover new opportunities to create value.

Key Outputs

  • Validated prototypes

  • Customer Insights Report

  • Innovation Roadmap

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Elevate product design with user experience research

RUSH is at the leading edge of creating award-winning customer experiences. Our design team will deep dive into your current customer touch-points, focusing on elevating the user experience and connecting the branding and functionality to it’s customers in unique and exciting way.

Key Outputs

  • Customer insights

  • Branded prototyped experiences

  • Go-to-market Roadmap

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De-risk your programme through technical validation

Validation is at the heart of everything we do. Our world class engineers and UX designers use a range of technologies, like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud, IOT and NLP, to bring ideas to life across different customer touch-points.

As a team we will research your customers, ingest your datasets, gather user requirements and quickly test models to create a working proof of concept which will help you test fundamental feasibility questions.

Key Outputs

  • Validated technical feasibility

  • Proof of concept

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Get a minimum viable product to market

We’re experienced with bringing to life minimum viable products that are lean, and focus on shipping the most important piece of customer value first, then building more features as we learn from our customer insights.

Having established several of our own product offerings, we know what it takes to get a product to market, and the risks associated with making too many assumptions.

Key Outputs

  • Shippable MVP

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Optimise your UX or scale your product

Too often businesses will ship a new digital experience and then sit back and relax. At RUSH, we believe in product optimisation using data driven insights and customer feedback. This ensures a cycle of continuous improvement through informed decision making. In our experience, businesses that adopt this mindset always see a positive result.

Key Outputs

  • Experience audit report

  • Growth Funnel + KPIs

  • Optimisation Roadmap

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Support your team with ongoing maintenance

We can support our clients who want to manage their digital experiences inhouse, transforming their culture to one that is agile and customer-led, setting up for a new way of operating that delivers more value and long term viability.

For clients who want us to keep the engine running, we provide ongoing oversight and maintenance to ensure years of trouble-free operation between enhancement cycles.

Key Outputs

  • Product Roadmap

  • Product Maintenance and Optimisation

  • Incident Response and Problem Management

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We’re united by our love of technology and it’s potential for making lives better.
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