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The Best Awards 2018 were the first awards RUSH officially entered into. We never anticipated winning 7 Awards including a Purple Pin across our Fastlane and Starship projects. We asked Jamie, one of our Senior Engineers who worked on building the Starship experiences, about his night at the awards ceremony. Have a read!

What was your top winner of the night and why? There were actually quite a few standouts, but Smudge (an app for the NZ Police to help with family harm call-outs) was just exceptional. Of course, any app which targets one of New Zealand's most pressing issues was virtually guaranteed to end up in the Public Good category, but that wasn't actually the reason it made such an impression on me. The whole approach to the design of the app was, like the police themselves, practical, honest, and mature. There weren't any gimmicks, and the features it does have are brilliantly clever - for example, the officer can put the app in a locked-down mode so victims can answer questions silently and discreetly. What if they can't speak English? No problem, the questions and answers are translated. It really made me smile to see such great design thrown at the most worthy of problems

What was the experience like of attending the awards? Very surreal. I have worn a suit 3 times in my life; my school ball, university graduation, and at the Best Awards. Yes, I had to Google "how to tie a tie". Walking through the doors, I was struck by the sheer glitz and glam of it all. Purple lights shining down on a sea of very well-dressed people. Oh, and the Dulux dog. The show itself was very long, but as each piece of design was introduced (by Jeremy Corbett, no less), it didn't really seem like there were any weak links in the lineup. It was a long show because there was a lot of good design.

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How did you feel about winning and when it was announced? Meh. Jokes! It was genuinely a huge surprise for me. I thought there were some incredible nominees, and I was just happy to soak up the Oscars-like atmosphere and enjoy some free food, so when they called out the Starship installation for a gold pin, it shook me right out of my relaxation. Then it got another gold pin. Then it got a purple pin. Are you kidding me?! Well, the surprise still hasn't really worn off, actually, but I guess when you're working away on a project, when you see it every day, when it's another late night to push it over the line, it's easy to lose sight of how amazing the project actually is. And actually, yes, it was an amazing opportunity, and a bit of a highlight of my time at RUSH for me.

Jamie Peterson
Jamie Peterson
Senior Engineer