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For the second year in a row, a few of us were lucky enough to head down to the Best Design Awards. Held at Spark Arena in downtown Auckland and hosted by the Designers Institute of New Zealand. We had a great night wining, dining and celebrating some of the best design in the country. This year we won 3 golds and 2 silvers for our work on Kupu in collaboration with Colenso BBDO, Google, Te Aka Māori Dictionary and the wonderful team at Spark.

best awards 4

We asked Aaron, one of our Senior Engineers and Suzy, one of our Senior QA Analysts who worked on building Kupu about their experience at the awards ceremony.

What was the experience like of attending the awards?

Aaron: Fantastic. Lots of excitement and lots of glamorous people. And it was fun watching the MC slowly lose his mind after 4+ hours of announcing awards.

Sugandha: Life changing! took me sometime to get sunk into the reality as I entered the foyer and then suddenly, it became so special to me. I could feel the energy and uplifting vibrations from all directions. It was an evening full of fun, brilliance, talented people, designer clothing. Just struck the right tone. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 

How did you feel about winning and when it was announced?

Aaron: Pretty psyched. It was a real honour to be chosen, amongst a crowd of very competent nominees.

Sugandha: It marked a moment in my life for many years to come. Being at the stage with New Zealand's best talents and knowing their powerful contributions opened up my mind to new possibilities. It was a genuine honour and pride to receive that award.

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What was your favourite winner of the night and why?

Aaron: My favourite was a special award for a man who had dedicated his life to teaching others Maori woodcarving.

Sugandha: Rainbow Machine - I just loved that bright yellow creation. It was a stupendous mix of science and art, design and engineering on which kids of all ages can turn the wheels and create rainbow sensation.

How was the food and the atmosphere? 

Aaron: Food was good - had one of my favourite beers. Atmosphere was intense. Lots of schmoozing going on.

Sugandha: It was all a class apart. Gorgeous gala event with exquisite food and an awesome fine dining experience… gave me a serious Oscar vibe! Purple lights, dressed up crowd and vibrant music. Couldn’t be any better!

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