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Here are Sora's thoughts and experiences working in the client service sector of the digital world.

How long have you been in the digital industry? 

For over 15 years. I started as an Animation Producer in digital while I was still at AUT. I then moved to Sydney in 2006 where I spent the next 12 years working in both digital and integrated agencies, leading work across a range of clients across health, travel, telecommunications, retail, automotive, banking + tech.

What’s the role you play and how has that changed over the years? 

My role is focused on leading client accounts and working in collaboration with clients + internal teams to deliver on strategic initiatives and products. Previously I worked as an Executive Producer, which was not too dissimilar again, helping both clients and internal account teams to realise the potential of digital and finding ways to execute and continuously improve. The main difference is, over time it feels like there has been an even bigger move to working with our clients as one, in blended team structures - which ultimately helps provide build better rapport, transparency and ultimately trust.

What changes have you seen in the industry? 

There are so many technological advancements and you can see a lot different trends forming around these from process simplification through to AI, but the biggest shift is the greater importance placed on the customer. It's not just tech, for tech sake, there is this move to constant iterating and evolving of products to make them more valuable. It's actually very refreshing.


From your perspective in client services, what are the biggest challenges facing clients today with digital? 

There are so many things you can do as a client, but I believe the biggest challenge is working out where to put your energy. Being open to learning new ways of doing things and looking at experimentation to help evolve your products is a big part of this too. 

The way you solve for digital now days is more aligned to agile ways of working and deciding how you prioritise what you do now, next and later with your customer front of mind can make the biggest impact to your products success. 

Sora Nobari
Sora Nobari
Customer Director

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