UNICEF needs our help to
end the pandemic

Join the race to end the pandemic
No one moves forward unless we can all move forward.

Our founder and CTO, Danu Abeysuriya, has brought together a group of tech companies and individuals who understand that the race to end the pandemic is a global one and the only way out for any country is to make sure vaccines reach every community.

NZ tech companies have gained immensely from a diverse workforce of skilled immigrants, and it's time for us to give back by raising money for the UNICEF COVAX programme.

UNICEF need to deliver 3 billion vaccines to 92 low and lower middle-income countries to help end COVID-19 worldwide. They’re the only organisation with the infrastructure, experience and expertise already in place to make it happen, and they need help.

Join us in helping UNICEF deliver these much-needed vaccines around the world through a personal donation, or by asking your organisation to contribute.

Personal donors CLICK HERE

Business donors CLICK HERE

So far we've raised a total of $70,000. We want to raise over $100,000 with your help!

Thank you to the following awesome individuals and organisations who have joined RUSH and committed funds to UNICEF to join the race to end the pandemic.

Vaughan Ferguson (Pam Ferguson Trust)

NinjaKiwi Games

ZX Security



Asantha Wijeyeratne (PaySauce)

Avid Legal


UNICEF need help to ensure every country gets fair and life-saving COVID-19 vaccine access. Please donate today.

Danushka Abeysuriya
Danushka Abeysuriya
Chief Technical Officer

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