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Mid July I was fortunate enough to jump on a plane and shoot over to Sydney for the  61st annual Australian Good Design Awards Ceremony. The Good Design Awards are the oldest and most prestigious international awards for design and innovation in Australia. The Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the Australian market and reward emerging areas of design including business model innovation, social impact and sustainability. With the 2019 Awards attracting a record number of submissions with nearly 700 projects evaluated spanning 10 design disciplines including architecture, communication, digital, fashion, product, service, strategy, engineering and social impact, sitting alongside these amazing designers and innovators was inspiring to say the least.

It was an honour to attend the ceremony and have our work with the Starship Children’s Hospital recognised in the social good category. It was a very proud moment for RUSH as one of our purposes here is to design technology to better serve humankind and to be recognised for that was very humbling and a bit of a validation moment in our journey. We’ve been pushing our world towards our vision that on a daily basis we can do work that serves the future and also helps our clients take on this challenge. It was so great to see at the heart of all the winning projects is a problem (big or small) that was solved through clever, considered and meaningful design that will have a positive impact on our lives and our planet for years to come.


My favourite winner of the night had to go to the one that was solving, in my mind, one of the biggest problems facing mankind. The Inventia Rastrum 3D Bioprinter was designed in Australia and helps to fight cancer by building 3D cell structures which are then used to test a range of therapies. The impact of this on the patient experience is potentially life-changing. The Rastrum builds the cell structure using advanced microfluidics, creating a more accurate structure to test immunotherapies on. The speed of delivering 3D cell models means researchers can conduct significantly more experiments, screen thousands of treatment drugs and effectively turbo-charge their research into cancer treatment. It has the potential to revolutionise biomedical research and to print tissues, skin and organs in the future.

Attending the awards was a great experience. It was great to see the hard work and care that everyone put into this experience was acknowledged. The most inspiring thing I will take away from my experience was how many problems there are out there in the world that when addressed by great design, future thinking and a whole lot of passion can really start to make impact on our lives. As an industry and as humans we all must think beyond our current challenges, we’ve got to believe there is a better world to be designed and we need to trust our thinking and start changing our futures.

Ghanum Taylor
Ghanum Taylor
Chief Customer Officer

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