the Godfather

Harry and Pav

Ever since the sudden passing of RUSH Chairman, Dr Ray Thomson, two years ago we have been looking for a sufficient way to honour his legacy.

As a champion of innovative New Zealand technology and early investor in RUSH and in founder Danu, Ray was an authentic, humble person who cared deeply and gave significant time and resources to ensure that driven entrepreneurs were able to achieve success.

Ray Thomson
Dr Ray Thomson

Because of his cornerstone role with RUSH he earned the title of our Godfather, and although he’s no longer with us his legacy remains a guiding force - one we’ve needed more than ever before.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been quite a year, and while curveballs keep getting thrown our way, we were dedicated to properly acknowledge the commitment and sacrifices of our team (and their families).

Our recent celebration and awards ceremony gave us space to say thank you and call out a few internal champions, culminating in the award of a new piece of hardware - The Godfather Award, in memory of Dr Ray Thomson.

Harry and co

Awarded to the RUSH ‘Person of the Year’, the 2020 honour goes to Harry Jackson; Frontend Software Engineer, People Leader and all round nice guy.

RUSH CEO, Pavan Vyas, called out Harry’s massive efforts this year despite exceptionally  trying circumstances, performing with a dependability and enthusiasm that would make Ray proud. Harry’s coworkers rate him as an absolute superstar, someone who has their back and truly believes in succeeding as a team.

Congratulations Harry! The first recipient of the Godfather award.

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