Solve your customer problems by seeing the
bigger picture.

Improve your customer experience and automate organisational processes by unlocking the potential of your video and imagery.

Computer Vision uses cameras to simplify and streamline the manual tasks your business undertakes and can solve a variety of real-world problems.

With the advent of deep learning, the ubiquitous nature of cloud computing, availability of specialised chipsets and high-quality image datasets, Computer Vision is now a robust and reliable solution that can be easily implemented.

The R/VISION platform makes Computer Vision accessible for any organisation - you don’t need to be a technical user or large enterprise to realise the immediate value of our platform.

Our ‘AI-Enabled’ software and hardware provides a turn-key solution to make your spaces safer, grow your revenue and deliver your customers a fantastic experience.

Collect, store and analyse your imagery data
all in one place.

Vehicles and ANPR

Vehicles & ANPR

State-of-the-art recognition for New Zealand & Australian vehicles and number plates. A powerful and simple solution to vehicle related business problems.


Detect and monitor how people move through your spaces, optimise key customer touch points, and identify health & safety risks.

Custom Detectors

Our team of computer vision experts can work with you to train and develop custom object detection or tracking for any given problem.

Connect your imagery sources to
our real-time neural networks.

The R/VISION platform can be connected to most commercial security cameras and Video Management Systems (VMS). The R/VISION platform also provides an end-to-end solution where custom-made plug and play cameras can be connected.

Our neural networks are trained to identify and locate objects of interest within a given image or video feed and turn that source of footage into actionable data, such as how the position or state of the object changes over time.

By using clever post-processing techniques our analytics add-ons can deliver behavioral insights and reveal hidden patterns in the image or video sourced data.

Access your data through our
web-based cloud platform

Whether you’re running a small scale operation with a few cameras, or a large enterprise with multiple sites, our R/VISION platform allows you to access and manage all data streams with ease. Your custom dashboard gives you an overview of key metrics and insights from your imagery sources, ready for analysis through the data explorer.

Customise the platform to match
your business needs

Working with the R/VISION platform puts the technical expertise of the RUSH team behind you. We are experienced in developing customised computer vision solutions to optimise workflows or solve business problems.

Innovative use cases include scanning vehicle license plates to make digital frictionless payments, monitoring parking access, security alerting systems, person detection for loss prevention applications and health & safety monitoring in hazardous spaces - we develop solutions to meet the needs of each business.

Seamless workflow integrations

One-click integrations turn your imagery data into actions and metrics.
Effortlessly connect your imagery data to your businesses existing systems.


Generate real-time SMS alerts on any one of your detectors.


Send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs.


Manage your entire sales pipeline, attract visitors, engage leads, and delight customers.

Custom Workflows

We can work with you to create custom workflows.

Computer vision-based technologies have seen widespread adoption in recent years, which has coincided with growing concern around how imagery data is used and managed.

At RUSH we put people at the centre of everything we do and in order for computer vision to be a successful and sustainable business tool, we believe in creating transparency so people can understand how their data is used.

This philosophy guides the implementation of the R/VISION platform, where each new customisation raises it’s own need for features such as automated face blurring to protect people’s identity.

We will work closely with you to identify the specific privacy needs of your business and your customers.

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