Do you want a better tomorrow for your customers? We live for the
of creating it. Let’s take that leap together.

What we do

We design technology to
solve the problems
confronting people, business + society.

Technology and new customer expectations are changing everything, fast. At RUSH, we help you size up the uncertainties and opportunities that change can bring, then find ways to innovate and improve your customer experience so you can leapfrog your competition.

We do it through design, strategy and tomorrow’s technology. We put your customer at the heart of our end-to-end process, working with you to enrich their lives.

Why? Because we love technology. Not for its own sake, but for its exciting potential to make things better for humankind.

At RUSH we have deep capability across strategy, design thinking, and engineering with established and emerging technologies. Our people bring world-class creativity and technical expertise to every project. You and your customers are in safe, experienced hands.

How we work
Our lean, customer-centric, design thinking approach reaches the best possible solution. Discover, define, ideate, validate.
  • Innovation strategy
  • Context trend mapping
  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Co-design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Customer Testing

Latest work

ASB / Sure Match

Exploring an idea, and turning it into a viable business

Z Energy / Z App

Helping fast-moving Kiwis get things done