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Getting you home at a
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Uber & Cheers
The Opportunity

As a key technical partner to True advertising agency, RUSH was approached to help combine great insight with our latest conversational technology and produce a unique customer experience to become the world’s first drink driving campaign that would send night-outers messages from their sober selves.

The great insight is that we promise ourselves we’ll “only have a couple drinks tonight” … and “get home at a decent time”. But then life gets in the way and all our good intentions go out the window.

How might we build a way to talk ourselves out of that behaviour during our night out?

The Process

Working closely with True and their client, mapping out the experience of a night out and how we foresaw our audience engaging with our offering, we found that once our audience made up their decision to go out, our chance to engage with them and then influence their decision making was very low so we had to get to them early, on their mobile.

Using these insights, we designed and refined how we envisioned the experience and began developing our platform in fortnightly sprints to bring to life the Sober self chatbot experience now driving responsible drinking across our user base.

The Solution

To help our audience plan their night and help them stick to their guns we created a DialogFlow chatbot connected to a bespoke backend which became a utility that would remind them of their night’s plans and remind them of their scheduled home time and the discount codes they had access too.

Our chatbot utilised the most common ‘Facebook Messenger’ where people could engage with our platform and plan their night out by setting their own curfew and send their personalised future (drunk) selves a message that would remind them why they were doing this, to drink responsibly and get home safely with Uber.

Once our ‘night outer’ chose to leave on time, a simple click within Messenger would help them get home by taking them straight to their Uber account and giving them a discounted ride home. On top of getting you home safe and sound our Sober Self bot also encourages you to make sure you are keeping up responsible drinking habits such as keeping hydrated, eating food and looking after your mates.

The Impact

Working with great creative thinkers who blend stunning insight combined with the latest technology drove huge success and broke category conventions in many ways. In doing so our Sober Self Bot changed the behaviour of 3,900 young adults, getting them home safely – making their night out one to remember.

We helped
thousands of young Kiwis
have a night out to remember, that wasn’t full of regrets.

What our client says
“Working with RUSH meant we knew that the best technical experts were working on our project. For us it is about de-risking a project and finding the best team to help us bring ideas to life, while staying true to the concept”
Matt Dickinson
Matt Dickinson
CEO, True

Services delivered
  • Ideation
  • User testing
  • UX design
  • Solution sketching
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • Experience mapping / Conversational flow design
  • System and information architecture
  • Machine learning / NLP platform provisioning and training
  • Cloud Integration
  • Messenger Integration
  • Uber discount mechanism integration
  • Backend build
  • Data analysis

Awards & recognition
Silver Effie - Most Effective Use of Technology
Silver Effie - Most Effective Use of Technology
Bronze Effie - Most Effective New Product or Service
Bronze Effie - Most Effective New Product or Service
Webbys - Finalist
Webbys - Finalist
Gold Beacon – Best use of Mobile
Gold Beacon – Best use of Mobile
TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards - Finalist
TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards - Finalist