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COVID-19 Health Hub
Ministry of Health

As New Zealand approached its third year in the global COVID-19 pandemic, public health officials evolved their response to reflect ongoing research, vaccines, and new variants of the virus. Individuals started to play a new role in self-managing COVID-19 at home. The Ministry of Health needed a digital tool to act as the single source of truth for people with COVID-19 and their households - one that would connect people to other digital services, and that could be instantly updated with new information as it came to hand.


RUSH were able to hit the ground running with this project, with our team experienced in adhering to strict Government accessibility guidelines and experience in design for the needs of pandemic-tool users. Public information needs to be able to be presented at the highest level of equitable access in line with WCAG accessibility standards, and the site is audited to ensure compliance. Serving New Zealanders also meant providing multiple language options, and a plan to roll out more languages in the future including left-to-right languages.

HealthHub languages

Built as a ReactJS single page application utilising .NET Core APIs and Gather Content CMS, the solution is a dynamic website with rich content and a responsive layout from mobile to desktop. Integrating with the Ministry's existing CMS platform provides the ability for them to publish up-to-the-minute advice without the need for a release. Core content is translated into different languages and able to be published in alternate formats. Character illustrations and greetings can also be changed out based on language selection.

Health Hub languages
Content managers at the Ministry of Health needed a solution that allowed their team the ability to alter customer components, edit content, create entirely new pages, remove unnecessary pages, or move existing pages independently, whenever necessary. Old URLs such as those referenced by other pages or services can easily be set to redirect to the new location when a page is moved. They can also update breadcrumbs, metadata, and site navigation at any time.

As the solution grew, other requirements included being able to change the layout and formatting of the content, in order to display information in a clear and attractive way.

HealthHub self isolation

One of the most functional tools is the household isolation tool to create an isolation timeline for your household. This custom component confirms who needs to isolate, the dates they need a test, and when they can leave isolation. It will also give you self-isolation dates for those in your house who have COVID-19, for as many people as you need.

Health hub isolation tool
As of May 2022, the COVID-19 Health Hub receives approximately 60,000 unique visitors per week, and the household isolation timeline tool fulfilled 27,564 requests within its first seven days.

In the ever-changing world of COVID-19, these tools enable the Ministry of Health to seamlessly uphold their role of authority for current public health information.

Visit the COVID-19 Health Hub.
Health Hub

The COVID-19 Health Hub empowers public health officials, and the public, to take immediate action based on the most current pandemic response.

What our client says
By understanding what New Zealanders need, the Ministry of Health quickly stood up a central Hub to be a single source of truth for COVID-19 information. This Hub enables people with COVID-19 and their contacts to manage their illness at home. It provides bite-sized pieces of mobile friendly content at a glance empowering people to know what they need to do and when. The Hub greatly eases the stress of what can be a difficult time for so many. It’s another great example of how we’re still supporting people to successfully manage COVID-19 at home and slowing the spread of the virus in our communities.
Michal Dreyer
Group Manager and Chief Technology Officer, Ministry of Health

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