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Exploring an idea, and turning it into a
viable business.

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The Opportunity

RUSH is a technical partner and business mentor to The Upstart Program, ASB’s business incubation group. We support their teams with exploring new venture opportunities, validating their market value, defining go to market strategies and then bringing them to life.

The team at Sure Match, one of the ventures coming out of the Upstart programme, came to RUSH with a vision of creating a platform that could utilise smart technology to intelligently match Kiwi business buyers and sellers. The platform would also need to automate the laborious tasks of a traditional business broke, in order to provide a higher quality service at a fraction of the cost.

The Process

To ensure the Sure Match team was equipped for success, we first gave them a crash course in product development, design thinking and agile methodology. Then they took up residence in our office, so we could we could begin exploring how to bring their ambitious vision to life together.

After mapping out the existing experience of buying and selling in New Zealand, we began speaking with key audience groups to better understand where this experience currently fell short. We found that after putting in years of blood, sweat and tears, Kiwi business owners were reluctant to pay what was deemed to be an ‘unfair slice’ of their sale to a broker. And business buyers struggled to cut through the noise and find relevant business opportunities that accurately met their interests, skill set and financial position.

Using these insights, we refined the experience and began operating in fortnightly sprints to bring to life a Minimal Viable Product that we could put in the hands of users, and evolve as we learnt.

The Solution

We created the Sure Match platform, a world first, technology-led innovation, to challenge the outdated service model.

Its unique sign up experience gathers key user information in order to create a unique buyer/seller profile. Once registered, users land in a bespoke dashboard where they can manage their progress and access a myriad of supporting resources.

The buyer dashboard presents them with business opportunities chosen by Sure Match’s intelligent matching algorithm. If a match appeals, the buyer can then sign an automatically generated confidentiality agreement to access a full information memorandum.


The seller dashboard walks users through the previously daunting process of getting their business ready for listing. Sellers are supported throughout the journey, from obtaining a business valuation and getting their accounts ready for sale to creating their own information memorandum. Once live, their business will begin automatically matching with interested buyers using Sure Match’s bespoke matching algorithm.

Both buyers and sellers have access to a partner network of qualified service providers.

The Impact

Sure Match successfully launched their MVP offering to the Auckland market in August 2018. The response has exceeded expectations, with Sure Match having already grown a significant database of users.

We continue to operate an agile process, running collaborative fortnightly sprints with the Sure Match team. Taking a user first approach, we’re continually designing, building and shipping new and improved features for customers, and helping the company define their future road map.

What our client says

"We engaged with RUSH early on in the process of defining our solution. We knew there was a problem to solve and we are really passionate about creating a great customer outcome, but there were some gaps in our thinking of how to bring that to life. RUSH really helped us unpack the details of the problem we are trying to solve and stretched our thinking to come up with a solution.

Nick Larsen
Founder, Sure Match

Services delivered
  • Design thinking sprints
  • Customer Interviewing
  • Personna development
  • Journey mapping
  • Ideation
  • Solution sketching
  • Low + High fidelity Prototyping
  • Experience mapping
  • Brand development
  • Iconography and illustration
  • Photography
  • User testing
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Systems architecture
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud integration
  • Front end build
  • Backend build
  • Application Support
  • Data analysis
  • Product iteration