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Z App
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The Opportunity

With aspirations to provide a market leading customer experience, Z knew that leveraging the Z app to implement a product focused strategy was going to require a market leading approach.

Throughout 2018 Z's partnership with RUSH matured and led to the development and release of Z Espress, an improved in-app experience for customers. This laid the foundations for a partnership that will see a flourishing future of new products being developed and iterated on over time.

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The Process

Our partnership has enabled Z to implement a product development approach used by the likes of Spotify, Facebook and Google.

Splitting our development teams into smaller squads and implementing a scrum based agile approach, we're able to move faster, experiment and iterate often with regular releases going out to customers.

Z App Design System RUSH
The Solution

Product focused squads enable Z to direct their investment into areas they care the most about and learn from customers as the product begins to gain traction and establish product market fit.

We're now able to focus efforts in different areas and build out a market leading customer experience for Z customers.

The Impact

Customer releases are happening regularly and we have a number of exciting initiatives in different stages of the product development lifecycle.

More customers are seeing the app not just as a nice to have but a necessity in order to get the full Z experience.

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We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Kiwis get more out of their
Z experience.

Services delivered
  • Customer testing
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Information architecture
  • Design system creation
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Systems architecture
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud integration
  • Front end build
  • Backend build
  • Application Support
  • Data analysis
  • Product iteration