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Kiwis love coffee. In June 2020 alone, Z stations sold 70,000+ cups of coffee to Kiwis on the go. The innovation team at Z Energy believes that CX can trump a discount, and being a mobile-first business, spotted the opportunity to enhance millions of customer interactions by offering pre-order coffee.

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We wanted to approach this project by creating a continuous dialogue with our users. We piloted the pre-order service to 12 sites across the country and established a relationship with our apps users. This was our first test where we could actually see how our users interacted with the product. The result validated the idea of seeing 150+ monthly active users buying an average of 41 coffee pre-orders per day, which gave us the green light to scale and learn more.


We built an in-app feedback module triggered at every third coffee purchase to understand how the experience was going for users. With all the anecdotal evidence how do we know what to build first?


After reaching out to 500 users we created a roadmap to build the features they found most attractive. We ranked the features by attractiveness and built the ability for our users to collect rewards during the summer of 2019 - 2020. Customers wanted to be able to tell when their drink order was ready, so we built a push notification service to let them know. Users also wanted to be able to order chilled drinks, so this was the next feature we launched to the public and customers also voiced in the survey that they would like to pre-order food so we are currently figuring out the operational side to make this happen.

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Our final iteration called on a user research panel of new users and power users who helped us with the ability to test the rebrand of Z Espress, a new ordering flow, and the expansion of our drink customizations. The range of users we selected helped us ensure what we were designing was ideal for every user not just for a specific audience. With the usability of our designs benchmarked, we were able to launch the MVP.

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Within 6 months of the MVP going live, we had scaled to 170 pre-order locations, we’ve established a continuous dialogue with our customers and we have seen revenue growth of 3264% since the pilot. Looking to the future there are more exciting developments in the pipeline.

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By May 2020 pre-order accounted for
22% of all coffee sales

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Awards & recognition
Best Awards - User Experience / Optimisation - Silver
Best Awards - User Experience / Optimisation - Silver