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Z Energy / Fastlane
The Opportunity

In the highly competitive and commoditised retail fuel market, Z Energy (Z) are continually seeking new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Research and testing showed that customers wanted a faster way to fuel up, pay and go. Z had a hypothesis around how they could deliver an improved Z Station experience for customers. Our challenge? Execute it through design and technology.

Fastlane Z Energy
The Process

Fastlane is designed for customers who want to keep moving. So we kept moving too, developing a lo-fi prototype and deploying early to test our ideas. We moved from the studio to the lab to the forecourt within 13 weeks.

In conjunction with Z's other partners, we sought first-hand customer feedback and uncovering technical and behavioural challenges from the MVP approach. Number plate recognition accuracy was critical, so training the technology model became a key focus.

The Solution

From our end, Fastlane is an integrated cloud technology solution that brings together fuel pumps, security cameras, number plate recognition, payment processing and a mobile application. For Z's customers, it’s an elegantly simple experience running from the same mobile app they use for buying coffee and earning loyalty rewards. You simply add your number plate, fuel type and payment card details in the app, then you drive in, fuel up, and go. Easy.

The Impact

We know the world is changing fast. The customer expectation is to have a frictionless experience. Fastlane is Z’s move towards a future where credit cards are left at home and digital wallets are the norm. It’s been a winner with customers. And while it was designed for everyone, Fastlane has provided those who are time poor, such as parents juggling kids, with a faster, easier way to fuel up. It’s convenient, empowering and keeps life moving forward.

Fastlane Scan Z Energy

Fastlane has changed the way
of drivers refuel faster and easier.

What our client says
“RUSH has been outstanding in delivering on this challenge. Collaborating with passion and focus, we were able to ship this new customer experience - a world first for fuel - in only 13 weeks.”
Scott Bishop
Chief Innovation Officer, Z Energy

Services delivered
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Information architecture
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Systems architecture
  • Cloud integration
  • Front end build
  • Backend build
  • Data analysis
  • Application Support
  • Product iteration

Awards & recognition
CX Awards - Best Customer Experience Partner (Technology or Advisory)
CX Awards - Best Customer Experience Partner (Technology or Advisory)
Best Awards - Optimising - Gold
Best Awards - Optimising - Gold
Best Awards - Spatial - Bronze
Best Awards - Spatial - Bronze